Lacrosse questions and answers.

  1. What equipment do I need to get started?  Boys will need a stick (crosse), helmet, mouthguard, gloves, and shoulder pads.  Additionally, goalies are required to wear a throat protector, chest protector, helmet, mouthpiece, gloves, and protective cup.  Girls will need a stick (crosse), mouthguard, lacrosse eye protection.  Additionally, the goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask, separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouthguard, and chest protector, thigh and shin padding, and abdominal and pelvic protection.
  2. Where can I get equipment I need and how much does it cost?  Lacrosse equipment for boys consists of a helmet and mouthguard, gloves, a cup and light pads for the upper body, shoulders, and elbows.  The equipment, especially the helmet, can be expensive, and vendors like Play it Again (Indy) often have affordable options on gently used equipment.  Sometimes online sales from other vendors offer good prices on new equipment.  Before purchasing a stick online, check the allowed dimensions per current rules for boys and girls.
  3. Why is a US Lacrosse membership required?  US Lacrosse offers insurance to teams that are registered with them but on if ALL team members, coaches, and volunteers on the field are members of US Lacrosse.  This insurance provides coverage for players, coahces, referees and Board Members and property which may be damaged during the course of practices and/or games.  We cannot secure fields for practice or playing our games without this insurance.  Additioanlly, we are not allowed to play on other teams' fields without providing proof of this insurance.
  4. When and where will practices be held?  We are finalizing the practice schedule now.  Indoor practices will begin the first week of March.  We are striving for 3-4 practices each week.  As soon as the weather permits, we will begin practicing outdoors.  The locations for outdoor practice are tbd, please check back for more information which will be posted as we confirm locations.
  5. Where and when will games be held?  Youth games are primarily on Sundays, however it is possible we will have some games during the week.  This schedule will not be set until the end of February.  We anticipate a healthy mix of home and away games.  We cannot provide group transportation to the away games and will need to arrange carpooling.  Locations for home games are tbd, please check back for more information which will be posted as we confirm locations.  Away games will be up to 2 hours away, with most in the Indianapolis area.  High School games are primarily held on Saturdays, however it is possible that we will have some games during the week.  These schedules will be set in December. 
  6. Will there be winter lacrosse?  We are currently working with Legacy to create a 7 week indoor lacrosse session for boys and girls, youth and high school.  No assigned teams, players would register and show up once a week to play.  Players would be randomly placed on teams upon their arrival.  The focus would be on fun, skills development, and knocking the Christmas break rust off.  Please check the "Indoor LAX" tab on the home page, as we will post details here as soon as we know them.  This is also the place where you can find online registration for this session.
  7. Who supplies the uniforms?  Uniforms are required for all players and are not included in your registration fee.  We have been and will continue to raise money to purchase uniforms for the youth teams that will be loaned for the season.  High school players will purchase their uniforms and keep them upon conclusion of the season.  This is a one-time purchase as high school uniforms can be re-used throughout the players high school lacrosse career.  Please look under the appropriate team tab for more information.
  8. What grants have been received for the program?  We have been awarded two First Stick grants which has provided both boys and girls equipment.  Additionally, in 2016 we received a grant from the Indiana Chapter of US Lacrosse to purchase goals and balls for our boys' teams.  In 2017, we received a grant from the Greater Lafayette Community Foundation to purchase goals for our girls' teams.
  9. How can I help?  Coaching - we need more Coaches and Assistant Coaches to fully accommodate all of our teams.  We have player interest in teams for 12U boys and girls but no one to coach.  If we don't have enough coaches we won't be able to have all of the teams we are hoping for.  Coach training is provided in Indianapolis in February, so no experience is needed.  Fundraising - we are a nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible.  Foundation Board Member - we need Board members to support eh work of our nonprofit.  Join us, we're fun!